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April 20, 2020
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Compost Tumbler Bins

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Compost tumbler bins are inexpensive, but useful tools for those who want to take an organic approach to their gardening. The compost tumbler in short holds organic waste that is useful for fertilizing a lawn or garden. It's true that people could easily purchase chemical fertilizers, but many people are opposed to this. This is because it's important for them to grow an organic garden. When something is grown organically, it means that it is free of chemicals such as pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides. Many commercial fertilizers contain these chemicals so the organic gardener won't want to purchase these commercial preparations. For these gardeners, especially if they are growing an organic vegetable garden, it's healthier for them to use compost tumbler bins to produce their own chemical-free fertilizer.

The compost bins work in this way. They hold organic waste such as leaves, shrub, twigs, grass, dirt, and even fruit and vegetable rinds. Because all of these materials are living matter, they have bacteria and enzymes. These multiply when the organic material is exposed to moisture and heat. As the bacteria and the enzymes multiply, they work together to break down the natural materials. This process is called decomposition. The decomposition takes place inside of the compost tumbler because the dark and moist conditions are perfect for decomposition. As these organic materials break down, they turn into a material called mulch. The mulch is then harvested from the compost bins, and the mulch is spread over the area of the lawn or the garden that needs growth.

As one could see, creating mulch inside of compost bins is not only safer than most commercial fertilizers, but this process is also far more cost efficient. It's less inexpensive to collect the organic trash around the woods, the garden, and in the home that is plentiful, instead of buying a commercial bag of fertilizer. So not only are gardeners doing their part to keep up the environment, they are saving themselves money too!

The compost tumbler bins can be found in any gardening store, or the supplies can be purchased to create one's own compost. Many people decide that once they give this method of gardening a try, they won't return back to their previous ways of fertilizing again! It's more satisfying for a gardener to create their own mulch for these purposes. Beyond this, it's very important for many people to do their part to save the environment. They feel that they need to do their part to recycle, and certainly using compost bins go a long way to recycle organic trash to help new life growth.


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