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May 25, 2020
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Cordless Drill Combo Kits make a Great Gift for the Handyman

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Cordless drill combo kits make the perfect gift for any home handyman and are an especially perfect choice for a home owner with a limited amount of tools or no tools at all. Cordless drill kits are one of the leading sellers in power tools due to their speed and versatility in performing many different tasks including hanging home decor items, repairing items, drilling holes, and tightening screws, bolts, and nuts. If you are looking for the perfect gift to give a handyman or "do it yourself" home improvement individual , the following information in this article will tell you about the benefits of cordless drill combo kits and the choices when it comes to selecting one.

The Benefits of Cordless Drill Kits

The primary benefit of a drill kit is the advantage of having portable power that eliminates the need for electrical power cords. Power tools that require being plugged into an electrical socket limit your range of use to those areas with a nearby outlet which makes it more difficult to work in certain areas or outside. Another significant advantage of having tools that are cordless include the fact that they are safer in many ways including the reduced risk of an electrical shock when working near water or accidently cutting the cord and there is no cords that can be tripped over. A cordless drill also allows the drill to be positioned at any angle without a cord getting in the way which is especially beneficial in certain areas with limited or tight space.

While the drills are the core piece in all drill kits, these combination packs come with other handy cordless accessories that also have many benefits. One of the more common accessories you will find combo drill kits is a rechargeable flashlight that can be set at different positions and angles which is capable of fully illuminating any area you will need to work in. One of the biggest advantages when it comes to purchasing drill combo kits is that it is typically less expensive than purchasing each of the cordless tools separately. A new drill kit is also a great gift for someone who has the older model cordless tools with the nickel-cadmium (NiCad) batteries as the batteries in cordless drill kits made today are the lithium-ion batteries which last longer, are lighter weight, stronger, and recharge quicker.

The Different Features of Drill Combo Kits

There are many different varieties of combination drill kits that feature two pieces and up in a set. A top quality set will typically have an impact drill and a hammer drill. The impact drill has more torque and many individuals commonly use them in place of a screwdriver while the hammer drill is more powerful and is typically used for drilling through heavy materials such steel or concrete. Cordless power drills come in different voltages typically ranging from nine point six on up to thirty six volts which determines the strength or power the drill has. An eighteen volt cordless drill kit is generally sufficient for most home improvement projects. High quality drill combo kits are also very durable and will last for many years. As you can see, there are many reasons why combination drill kits make the perfect gift for the handyman.


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