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August 21, 2020
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Drill Glass Through These Simple Steps

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At home or at the office, there might be instances when you may need to drill glass. You know how brittle glass can be. That is why there is a need to specially and specifically be careful and light-handed when drilling through glass. You may be unfortunate and unlucky enough to incur cracks or worse, ruin and break the entire glass structure.

When the glass has a thickness that is hard to cut through, you may also find it hard to drill glass. That is why you need to know and practice several specific and recommended techniques in drilling. There may be other techniques around, but so far, the following procedures are considered the most useful and reliable. Here are the recommended steps for you to drill glass effectively and ideally.

1. Choose a glass sheet that will be most suitable and fit for your purpose. You should at the same time consider and take note of the size and the thickness of the glass sheet to be used. It is important to remember not to select safety or tempered glass as drilling and cutting through it may be significantly harder. Also, tempered and safety glass should be only drilled by seasoned and expert craftsmen who may have the necessary and costly equipment.

2. It is time you invest in glass drill bits. This equipment can serve as potent tools in creating holes and drills in glass. Buy glass bits available through the local home keeping shops or centers. Hardware stores may also sell them. Glass drill bits are made with spade shaped points that are made of no other than tungsten carbide, or they may be diamond coated core drill bits, adapted to glass drilling purposes. Drill glass only with such drill bits, which could withstand the friction produced by the drilling process.

3. Before you drill glass, you should cut the glass sheet to the size needed for your particular project. You may also have the glass sheet cut and the edges finished or beveled right from the shop where you bought it. Some glass shops and hardware stores offer free or low cost glass cutting and resizing initiatives based on the request and requirements of clients.

4. Before you drill glass, plan out well where you will put the holes. In doing so, remember that it is not advisable to drill glass near its corners and edges. The ideal distance any hole should be from the edge is about of an inch. If you can drill the holes farther from the edge than that, it will be better and safer.

5. During the process when you drill glass, put it in a secured and flattened surface where it could be completely and properly supported. You could also put the glass for drilling on top of a rubber pad or some other cushioning, yet firm material. However, make sure the glass is put on a flat and supported material, which can actually be anything to your comfort.

6. As you drill glass using drill bits, control the speed at variable. Doing so could help maintain the tightness of the motor run. Start using a small drill bit and drill slowly. The application of constant pressure as you push when you drill glass should be maintained.

7. When the drill is already near reaching the opposite side, reverse the glass sheet. Drill glass at the back and meet the hole you already make. This is a better technique to prevent chipping, spalling and cracking.

8. As you drill glass and aim to make holes with different sizes, drill holes of the same size first before proceeding to drilling the next hole size.


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