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July 5, 2020
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An Introduction To Manual Metal Cutting Tools

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Metal cutting is an important aspect in many industries as special-cut metal pieces of different shapes and sizes are essential. When it comes to metal cutting, special tools are being used. This specially-cut metal piece should satisfy the specification including thickness, dimensions and shape. Therefore, it is important to use machines that are specially designed for this purpose.
Unlike wood cutting, metal cutting is not that easy as it generally tough and extremely hard to cut through the metal surface. Therefore, it requires certain process and tools. As for the strength and hardness of each metal, it can vary from metal to metal. Therefore, you will have to adopt different devices, tools and process for each type of metal. Or in other words, cutting metals is not that simple as you would imagine.

Manual Cutting Tools

Let's get familiar with the manual metal cutting tools. If we are talking about cutting small pieces of metal, then manual cutting tools are going to be the best option before you. As you can see, here we'll be employing smaller tools to get the job done. And these tools can be operated with your hands. If you want an example, take the case of creating small-sized holes for inserting screws, rivets and bolts. Here in this case, a small manual metal cutting tool would be the perfect choice to get the job done. Let's get familiar with most common manual metal cutting tools below.

Metal Hacksaw

As for the structure, you can compare it to a wooden saw. The main difference is that it is designed to cut through tough surfaces of metals. A metal hacksaw looks like an inverted 'U' shape. The outer edge of the hacksaw has sharp teeth that will cut through the rough surface of metals. How do you work with a metal hacksaw? First, you have to keep it fixed on one end. The hacksaw blade is detachable and you can loosen or tighten it as per your requirement. The hacksaw blade size falls in the 10-12 inch range. However, smaller, 6-inch models are also available if we are talking about smaller metals.


This is best used for getting rid of unwanted metal pieces. This is equally used in 'hot' as well as 'cold' metal cutting processes in the industry. For getting rid of the waste elements of the metal, you will be using a cold chisel. We can have several examples, including keyhole cutting, cutting rivets, cutting square-shaped corners etc. You can find many metal cutting services St Louis. If you are looking for a competitive system, go for CNC Waterjet cutting system St Louis.

Industrial Shears

Industrial shears are made of carbonated steel. We use industrial shears to cut through metals like stainless steel, steel and aluminum. It resembles the shape of a pair of scissors. You will find it in different sizes. Big sizes as well as small portable sizes are available depending on the need. Bigger models might need electric power. If you are in search of metal cutting services St Louis, then I would suggest you to go for CNC Waterjet cutting system St Louis as it provides precision cutting like no other system.


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